Free Pampers Cruisers Sample – EXPIRED

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Free sample of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max.Ā  Made for the kids that are actively crawling and / or walking.

New and registered members to the P&G Everyday Solutions newsletter qualify for the sample.

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  1. this is too cheap bye shout

  2. love free stuff really helps

  3. good

  4. I would love to try them

  5. This could be helpful

  6. I could really use this!

  7. i am not working i need help with my two son siz 6 and 7

  8. i like it. Very helpful

  9. this is cool.

  10. i need this thank you


  11. I really would like these b/c my baby is now cruising

  12. really want to try these

  13. thanks illl like to try them

  14. i would love to try new nappies out size 5 tho anything is gud to try new i always give it a go

  15. these will be for my grandson just to help him gat potty trained

  16. these r for my son

  17. i need this my husban is the only one working and dont get paid that much. ad i just left my job bc i lost a baby and had troble with it i was 3 months so im home with my lil man and thes will help

  18. free stuff really helps alot

  19. i always could use some help

  20. new mother to be and would like to try

  21. i would like to try this on my kid

  22. i always use pampers for may child. it’s high quality baby diapers.

  23. I could really use this! Any help I can get I will take! :)

  24. Two reasons for my baby

  25. i would love to get this, every little bit helps!!

  26. Pampers have the best construction around the elastic in the leg, which prevents “LEAKS” from active little ones.
    With my eleven month old, just beginning to cruise; I’d love this offer!

  27. i would like this product for my son

  28. i love this product but being a single mom is really hard to buy higher end dipers..

  29. Size 6 is awesome!!!!!!!!

  30. Don’t do it.

    We’re sorry, due to high demand this offer is no longer available. Please find other great offers from P&G brands below.

    Check back soon for more offers from PampersĀ®!

  31. Things like this is very much needed! I love getting free stuff, mostly when its something that is very much needed

  32. Would love to try these to see if they work for my very active child!!

  33. `i would love this product for my daughter

  34. ive read about them but never bought any but i would love t try them for my grand son

  35. my daughter will love it

  36. im always happy to try new products

  37. thank you!

  38. i need dippers

  39. These are the only diapers my son can wear becausse hey dont leak and dont give him diaper rashes ive always used them and would love to again but i cant afford to buy them any more

  40. Like to try these for my 13 month old that never stops moving!

  41. helpful

  42. This link no longer works for diapers, but you do have access to coupons and samples of other products.

  43. free samples well what a great website thankyou

  44. free stuff is when you out of work and your in need

  45. I would love to try this product.

  46. Need help with a picky baby

  47. Thats great what yall are doing.

  48. would love to try this product

  49. thank you!!!!!!!!

  50. Need to try it for free

  51. this could be very helpful . I would like to try this product : )

  52. whyy do we have to put a comment?

  53. this website is very helpful.

  54. my little cousin needs these. Thank You very much!

  55. offer expired :(