Free Printable Letter From Santa Claus – EXPIRED

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Go to THIS SITE and begin designing a free printable letter to your child from Santa Claus!

Once you select the body of your letter, you’ll then select a design. Enter the appropriate information such as your child’s name, city, best friend and a desired toy. Then, enter your name and email address as a final step and your newly-created letter will be loaded up in an Adobe PDF file (link to Adobe Reader here) for printing.

I just tested this myself tonight and it worked great. The letters look really good when printed with a color printer, and I’m sure your child will love it! If it’s a little early to start planning for Christmas, go ahead and bookmark this post for future reference.

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  1. I love this site

  2. I love the free stuff

  3. this is the cutest thing ever i remember getting one when i was young and i was so excited that santa wrote me!! i cant wait for my son to get his and to see the look on his face.

  4. I could not ge the letter to santa and I wanted to know how I would do that could you please let me know, I tried several times and if only you knew the story behind this it would probably break your heart. Thank you

  5. Elizabeth, it looks like the site is temporarily down. It should be back up soon, but in the meantime this site is currently working:

  6. being able to get a letter from Santa is great. Being is free is the best part

  7. Who would believe that there is still someone kind enough to offer a letter from Santa for free. And they say there is no Santa Claus !!

  8. these are precious

  9. I thank that this is a great sit for parents that still have a little kid in them

  10. my son has been getting letters from santa all his life.he has many disabilites and enjoys them every year

  11. need two for each grandchild

  12. dear santa, 12-4-10
    I would like a cell phone for x-mas this is red nose fine.

    thank you

    p.s. write back sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  13. i think this site is so great! to actually get a santa letter free to give to children is amazing!

  14. i want to know if any christmas gift is free

  15. i want a free christmas book.

  16. free books

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