Free Pull-Ups Training Pants Sample – EXPIRED

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Click here to get it.

Get a free sample of Pull-Ups training pants from Costco. You do not have to be a Costco member to request.

Scroll all the way down on the page and look to the bottom left for the link to sign up for the free sample.

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  1. i could really use these for my baby

  2. my baby could really use theses

  3. My kid is already turning two and I think he is ready to try some pulle ups

  4. my grandson is getting to the point to need these this would be great to try one first before buying them.

  5. mt daughter is now trying to learn how to pottytrain and these could really help

  6. My little girl is potty training and these would be a great start.

  7. my granddaughter is just now at the potty training stage. we also have two more on the way this year.

  8. i have twins and they run out

  9. i have have a one two yeatr old and a pair of set of twins

  10. the looks of this products or brand of pull-ups is amazing and known to work well on toddlers. They will definitely work on my grand daughter..thank you…

  11. I have a two year old this will help alot potty training

  12. I have a two year old and this will help her on potty training

  13. My boyfriend has a newborn he adopted and we really need these

  14. Money is tight and we are in need of assistance

  15. my grandson is at the age to train these pullups would work better than diapers thank you

  16. I want to try out the pull ups for my grandson, here at my house. It is time for him to be potty trained.

  17. i would like to try this brand of pull ups my son is a very big 3 year old and the other brands dont fit him right.

  18. Want to try these for my granddaughter. Just beginning to potty train

  19. I hope my baby will try these and do well with them.

  20. I have a 2yr old and 3yr old. Both in Pull-Ups!! We go through them like crazy, but it’s the only brand that doesn’t leak at night!

  21. i have a 1 year old and 3 year old that could really use these, they are always going through pull ups

  22. my daughter in law would really like to try these on my grandson. thank you so much

  23. I would like to try these for my grandson.

  24. Thank you for a chance to try before u buy. Looks WONDERFUL

  25. I would like to try these

  26. I think it is great to be able to try before you buy. I’m sure this is a great product.

  27. No link in bottom left side to signup. Would have been good

  28. I think that free samples are just what America needs in these times of uncertainty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I just like to say thanxx for seeing the customer’s viewpoint.

  30. would really like to try these for my grandson

  31. My baby boy will be ready for these soon, so I would love to try them!

  32. My baby loves to be able to take his own pants up & down by himself. It really makes him feel like a big boy!

  33. my grand daughter can really use these

  34. my great nephew is ready to use these

  35. The link for the free sample of pull ups from costco is missing.

  36. son los mejores

  37. I would like to try these for my grandson.

  38. this is for my 3 month baby,who is already trying to set up.

  39. he is poss. starting to teeth.

  40. hi iam a new mom to be and im on assitence so i could realy use thease please

  41. Would love to try this brand

  42. I would really like to try these on my son who is 22 months old. thank you please it would help.

  43. i would like to get a sample of these for a friend of mine

  44. havving trouble buying training pants would love a free pair thankyou

  45. i would love to try your brand befor deciding which training pant to use

  46. my 24month old daughter is starting to train, would like to try the pull ups for her!

  47. i would like to request the sample for my son to try

  48. i want try this for my son

  49. yes i would like to try it on my child

  50. it would be nice to try the pull ups on my daughter who is trying to train now

  51. I would like to try it on my child

  52. We would love the help for our daughter

  53. thankyou pull-ups heaven sent nappy

  54. will like to try your free diapaers

  55. try diapaers

  56. would love to try these diapers

  57. Would like to try these diapers.

  58. my son could really use these for potty training

  59. I have two children under the age of 21 months, and the oldest has begun potty training. I would like to try the sample.

  60. Would love to have a sample.

  61. Would like to give these a try.

  62. like it

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