Free Sample of Escada Perfume – EXPIRED

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Note: People have noted problems with the sign-up form, so I’m marking this one as expired.

Fill out the request form to get a free sample of Escada perfume.

Choose from Especially Escada, Taj Sunset, Sexy Graffiti, Rockin’ Rio, or Island Kiss.

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  1. This web site does not want to send free samples for some reason I filled out all the information on the form and it keeps saying theres an error I had 2 people check my info on the form we could not find any problem but the page woulod not let us send for free sample I think these people are full of bull on there samples

  2. awesome!!

  3. I did your requst form and did not understand what you wanted after I gave my street address, please look at your requst form and tell me whatyou want. Thang you

  4. Idon’t under stand what you want on your request after address please explain. Thank you

  5. Tried to request item, but kept getting error message.

  6. The perfume seems to be perfectly sexy.

  7. love ths product

  8. This sounds like something refreshing and new that I would like to check out.

  9. great gift

  10. Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi a love free stuff

  11. I love to smell good ty

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