Free Sample of Olay Total Effects Body Wash – EXPIRED

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Free Sample of Olay Total Effects Body Wash

This product is brand new, and not even in stores yet. It’s due to hit shelves in February of 2010, so here’s your chance to try it before anyone else.

In order to get your free sample, simply follow the link above and then join the P&G Brand Sampler. This probably won’t last long, as the P&G Brand Sampler typically closes out registrations pretty fast.


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  1. love to try new stuff

  2. sure i will try it

  3. Olay products are always of the best quality for skin care.I try all their products because I have always been 110% satisfied.

  4. i would love to see what this smells like

  5. i want a free sample

  6. can’t wait to try

  7. yeah i try it! how do i get it?

  8. the best

  9. I currently use olay products, I would love to try a new product.

  10. great

  11. thank you very much. its great.

  12. cant wait to try it

  13. cannot wait to try this. thanks

  14. will wait by the mailbox for it

  15. I would like to try it

  16. I love the facecream, think the body wash will be just as good!

  17. excited and waiting to try it

  18. can’t wait to try it out

  19. thanks

  20. I can’t wait to try it!

  21. Thank You!

  22. can;t wait for it to arrive

  23. looking froweard to trying it.

  24. cant wait to try it

  25. I love Olay products!

  26. the product sounds greata nd may actually help with anti aging and soft skin

  27. love to try

  28. i just luv body washes

  29. Must we register, I really don”t want a whole junk folder full of e-mails from P&G

  30. I want a body wash that makes my skin feel as soft as a newborn baby’s butt!

  31. I love Olay!

  32. Would like to try!!!

  33. Love to try!

  34. luv ta try it thanks

  35. Can’t wait to try it .

  36. cant wait to try it

  37. love to try it thanks

  38. Love to try new things… Please Send me one!

  39. I Love to try new things and can not wait to try this

  40. it really great

  41. love olay products

  42. i use and love olay products and would like to try total effects

  43. soft skin at last!

  44. restlessly awaiting to try!

  45. I’ll be waiting! Can’t wait.

  46. Love Olay

  47. Love Olay I will love to try this

  48. Will love to try this

  49. my body feel better just thinking about using it

  50. great free stuff

  51. great free stuff

  52. currently use Olay products

  53. I love to try new stuff specially from my favorite brand.

  54. i am loyal to this brand

  55. cool

  56. i have been using oil of olay for years, i would like to try the newest oil of p;au

  57. i love body wash!!!

  58. How would one submit pictures for the Olay Campaign?

  59. love it can’t wait to buy it..

  60. I love Olay products can’t wait to try this one!

  61. I got my free sample already and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I was hoping to find coupons but I now see it is not due to hit the stores until February. I like it even better than the Dove Deep Moisture body wash.

  62. Awe I can’t wait to try it! I love body wash!

  63. thanks for the beauty tips.

  64. i like this product it works well

  65. I receive mine today and cant wait to buy @ the store. Smell great!!

  66. I like olay products

  67. i would love a sample i have had goo experiences with this brand name before

  68. I recieved my free sample of the new olay body wash coming out in Feb. 2010 and absolutely loved it! My skin hasnt felt that good since I was a teenager. I went looking for it in all the stores and could not find it and later learned I have to wait 2 monthes to buy it : (
    That was the only dissapointment.

  69. i will give it a try, why not

  70. cant wait to try it

  71. I am using olay and i want to apply its new product also

  72. i love olay, my mom even uses it……….. i want to try the new stuff………….

  73. i would love to try something that will make my skin feel alive.

  74. I use olay products often and would like to try there new ones.

  75. I use olay products often and just can’t wait to try new one.

  76. i love oil of olay products would love to try

  77. Yes, Love trying new stuff

  78. i can’t wait to try it.

  79. i nedd to feel something different on my skin.

  80. i love olay products and can’t wait to try it.

  81. I am more than willing to give this a try because I buy olay soap and etc.

  82. Love to try new product. :)

  83. I love your products & use them daily.

  84. This product is really good. This is the first time i tired olay.

  85. Can’t wait 2 try it

  86. love olay, use every day, can’t wait to try new product

  87. Yes,I would love to try this new product.I really can not wait.

  88. Thanks so much.

  89. just what I need

  90. i can’t wait to try this i love all oil of olay products so i know i will love this as well….

  91. cant wait to try this

  92. love these oil of olay stuff

  93. i like the face cream love to try any thing else

  94. I totally fall in love with this product

  95. love olay

  96. I just love this product that I want to share it with my sisters I have 6 I am sure that they will love this product as much as i DO

  97. Yes i would love too try this just yoo see what it will do to my skin.

  98. would like to try this product thank you

  99. just want to get for my girlfriend to try she loves this kind of stuff

  100. i would love to try this!(:

  101. i want like to try new stuff

  102. I would love to try

  103. I would like to try it.

  104. love to try new products

  105. I would like to try this.

  106. Thanks Again!

  107. cant wait to try that

  108. Im a olay users and would love to try this one!

  109. love to try new stuff and give my opinion and recomend it if i love it!!im just that typ of person

  110. oil products are the best

  111. love free sample

  112. i would really love to try it

  113. i love you disha

  114. Can wait to try

  115. I would really love try

  116. would like to try it.

  117. cant wait to try it

  118. cant wait to try it

  119. I would like to try the product

  120. i would like to try it please

  121. Yes so cool

  122. Oil of Olay is the best.

  123. would love to try this!

  124. love to try new things

  125. id like to try this out so that i can see if it works better than the 1 i use…

  126. I love this body wash!

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