Free Swiffer Duster – EXPIRED

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Snag a free classic Swiffer Duster by filling out a short request form.

After following the link above, look towards your right for the link. The site is loading a bit slow right now, but it should die down a bit soon.

You’ll need to become a Vocalpoint member (also free) or login to your Vocalpoint account in order to request this freebie.

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  1. i live in canada

  2. is this for Canad too.

  3. Loooove swiffer! 🙂

  4. Offer only good for people that are registered at Socialpoint and they are not taking any requests now. Not free at this time and should not be listed on this website.

  5. Thanks got mine.

  6. FreeStuff has excellent free stuff.

  7. I have both swiffer dusters and love them. They do the job well.

  8. My response isn’t going through.

  9. I like Swiffer Dusters.

  10. i like free samples in the mail

  11. The website for this free sample you have to register ok well no big deal but there site is having technical difficulties and you can’t get the free sample until the website is back up

  12. I completed all of the screens and fields required and got an “oops” screen. Don’t have time for sites that can’t handle their own volume.

  13. Would like free samples & coupons.

  14. thNK YOU

  15. I sure can use this !

  16. Site not working of course.

  17. never have tried would like to

  18. I love my swiffer and would not go back to any other duster.

  19. this website wont take email address our password cant get angthing wont take

  20. I love using the swifter infact my was used so much that it broke so please send me a new one thanks Lori

  21. saw this ad for Swiffer and I buy them all the time. I have multiple pets and there is hair everywhere! Help!

  22. expired more available at this time

  23. lov it.x

  24. I signed up for this the beginning of August and received a confirmation
    saying that it would be here in 2-4 weeks. I have not received anything.
    To bad cause I could really use this and was looking forward to getting it.
    This sucks!!!!!

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