Free T-Shirt From Bacardi – EXPIRED

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Like Bacardi on Facebook to access a form to request a free Bacardi t-shirt.

This offer is good for the first 50,000 people to respond.

This will probably go fast, jump on it as soon as you can!

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  1. i want one

  2. it would be cool to wear a tee shirt with bacardi on it since i drink your rum and think its the best ive ever tasted.keep them coming.

  3. Everyone loves it!

  4. June bug

  5. Awesome 🙂

  6. My favorite Friday nite addition 😉

  7. Bacardi is great stuff! The best!

  8. love the t-shirt i collect them. logo is great!!

  9. love the logo Bacardi is what I drink so to have a tee-shirt would be cool.

  10. Thank you

  11. Love Bacardi! woo hoo!

  12. This would be a great t-shirt to wear around in the summer to show off the product.

  13. Great Site! Great Deals

  14. would love to have a Free T-Shirt FROM bACARDI

  15. i wan t to try free staf i like to by new items

  16. I just got my FREE t-shirt and I’m very happy. I just love this website.

  17. I love the pre mixed drinks u sell!

  18. u all need new flavored mixed drinks!

  19. Link has expired. Just took me to my main news feed.

  20. Wait, how does this work? I liked it and then nothing happened.

  21. I just ordered my T-shirt. I’m so excited about getting it. I get free stuff from all the time. Check it out.

  22. This one went down earlier today, but is currently back up. Get one while you still can!

  23. everybody loves it

  24. Can’t wait for the T-Shirt

  25. Nope, still doesn’t work

  26. thats cool

  27. Hi im starting a new buisness and im asking for all kinds of donations and any thing free that you could sen me. If you can help me please email me. Thank You

  28. Great tshirt I would like one please

  29. I love to enjoy myself with BACARDI!

  30. This is really cool<3

  31. I like this T-shirt, It’s look nice. Thank’s to Bacardi.

  32. I want a t-shirt

  33. I want a free tshirt!

  34. the t-shirt has a good color combination regarding the printed design and the style is very unique, make more colorful and eye catching designs for your product, keep it up , thank u

  35. sick m8 i am so gettin 1 of them yh man 2 rite wear it luk well gd kwlkwl