FREE TOY – Stealing panda money box

If saving money is difficult, perhaps you need a super cute and amusing way to save, such as this crafty panda/cat bank.

That a face of pure facial expression, a pair of innocent eyes, a meow sound, am I like the thief?

You just need to put your coin on the plate and the panda/cat will sneak out and steal it and say “thank you” in English,which is very funny and creative. This funny money box is a perfect gift for your child to save his/her pocket money.

7 Responses

  1. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Hi Kelly – there was an error in our link. This has been corrected, so you can now complete the form to request this free toy.

  2. Kelly Jean says:

    How do I get the free stealing Panda money box. I clicked but it will not load the page to fill out shipping address

  3. FreeStuff Manager says:


  4. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Hi Catrina. Just follow the link and submit your request for this toy. Cheers!

  5. catrina says:

    could i have one?

  6. Zhitazia Washington says:

    MAY i please get one my sister stole 65 dollars from me and ran away it would be much easier to hide money with this pls pls pls

  7. Amanda Russell says:

    Can I have one for my son, please?

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