Free Urban Birdwatching Kit

Get a free Urban Birdwatching Kit (or kits).

Sign up now to request for your kit. You will receive a Silhouette Poster with Cool Facts, Celebrate Urban Birds Identification Poster, Data Sheet and Tally Sheet as part of your kit.

You can choose to obtain the kit online (print it out yourself) or by mail.

How To Get It:

  1. Click on ‘free Urban Birdwatching Kit’ above.
  2. Fill out the shipping information under ‘Your Information’.
  3. Select your bird identification skill level.
  4. Select who you are signing up for.
  5. Choose whether you would like to receive your kit by mail or online.
  6. Take the Pledge to help out with submitting your birdwatching data.
  7. Choose whether or not you would like to make a donation.
  8. Enjoy your free birdwatching kit!


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