Free USB Flash drive

USB Memory Direct is the industry leader in custom flash drives. Since we often find ourselves with loose drives around the office so we started the USB Grab Bag to give those drives away completely free. The Grab Bag is loaded with drives on a weekly basis and they often sell out quite quickly so check back regularly for a chance to get yours! Click Me

Terms of Your Offer:
LIMIT 1 Per Person! Please be nice and let us spread the USB drive love as far as we can. But by all means take the largest one we have available at the time.

3 Responses

  1. petermarnus says:

    It really is best for me, thanks for it, it gives me professional work and earnings, so thanks.

  2. Avery Fuhriman says:

    They’re out of stock

  3. andrew lopez says:

    nothing the fee stuff is out

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