Get a Back To School Visa Giftcard

Get your $1000 Visa gift card for back to school shopping. Request For Details
This promotion is conducted exclusively by Rewarding-promos.

To receive the Gift you must:

  1. be a US resident, 18 or older and complete the registration process with your valid contact information;
  2. complete 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 8 Platinum Sponsor Offers within 60 days of your Program Sign-Up Date (offer availability will vary);
  3. not cancel your participation in more than 2 Sponsor Offers within 30 days of the Sponsor Offer Initial Transaction Date (the Cancellation Limitation);
  4. complete all Program Requirements, including the Gift Redemption process, within 180 days of your Program Sign-Up Date.

You can receive the Gift at no cost by completing free trial Sponsor Offers and/or by following the Refer-A-Friend Offer requirements; otherwise some Sponsor Offers may require a purchase to qualify. Gifts are shipped to the postal address provided during registration.

Limit one Gift per household per year.

Void where prohibited.

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