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Shaw Academy is e a subscription service that provides members with access to educational courses over the Internet to certain Internet-connected computers, phones, TVs and other devices.
The free trial period of your membership lasts for 30 days, unless otherwise specified, from the start of the lesson you are enrolled in, or as otherwise specified during sign-up and is intended to allow new members and certain former members to try the service. You will be notified during sign-up whether you are eligible for a free trial.

European Qualifications Framework

Shaw Academy courses are now officially accredited and internationally recognized to the highest educational standards.
As of July 2017, all Shaw Academy Professional Higher Diploma programmes are credit rated to EQF Level 5 by Edinburgh Napier university.

The Shaw Academy Professional Higher Diploma – EQF Level 5 – will change even more students’ lives and is directly transferable across the globe from both an academic, professional and vocational perspective. EQF Level 5 is the equivalent to an Associate Degree (USA), AQF Level Six (Australia), NQF Level Six (South Africa) & QQF Level Eight (Canada). The European Qualifications Framework encourages lifelong learning by promoting the validation of education.

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