Giveaway – Seaguar TactX and BasiX Fishing Line

You can never have enough good fishing line and Seaguar want to give Wired2fish followers a chance to own some of their latest offerings with TactX and BasiX in 40-pound and 12-pound, respectively.

TactX is engineered to maintain its perfectly round shape for better casting and line management and is firm enough to minimize rod tip wrapping. The four-strand braid comes in a natural camo color and has excellent strength and abrasion resistance. Those who have used it speak about how easy it is to cast without backlashes and just how tough it is.

Coming from the inventor of fluorocarbon line, BasiX is a supple, easy-casting fluoro that is tough as nails, too. It is one of the most affordable fluorocarbons on the market but that doesn’t mean it won’t perform.

6 winners will receive two spools. Click Me

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