Giveaway Zoom Bait Zlinky

Autumn can be one of the best times to be on the water. Ramps and lakes are less crowded and fish are feeding up for the cold weather that is just around the corner. Colors are magnificent and cool mornings are met with warm days.

It can be feast or famine this time of the year as a full year of hook sets may have the fish a bit boat wary, too. Crankbaits and power techniques can be good but can also be a bit fickle this time of year and finesse and subtle with a stealthy approach may be the best bet. Zoom has a relatively new bait called the Zlinky that has been a big-time money winner for this type of approach.

The Zlinky is a soft-plastic stick worm that is perfectly balanced and salt impregnated that produces bites even in cold fronts and and can be cast, flipped or rigged wacky style for the most bites. The shimmy of this bait entices fish to bite it. It’s a good one and comes in 10 colors for just about every water imaginable.

For this giveaway, Zoom agreed to give 5 Wired2fish followers 5 bags each of this killer soft-plastic stick worm in colors chosen by the team at Zoom.

Good luck! This giveaway ends October 18, 2022. Click Me

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