Giveaway – Zoom Brush Craw Artificial Bate

Every now and again, a classic bass fishing bait gets even better. The brand new Zoom Brush Craw certainly fits that bill.

As a proven big-fish producer, the Zoom Brush Hog has been a mainstay to big-fish experts forever. Tweaking that design with a subtle trailer change from ribbon tails to crawfish pinchers takes the Brush Craw to the next level when fishing brush, tules and vegetation to allow it to slither down through the cover without grabbing anything it bumps against. Zoom now has an additional bait that gives bulk, profile and that great Brush Hog action in a bait that can be both punched and pitched.

To prove its effectiveness to Wired2Fish followers they are giving 5 winners a hand-selected arsenal of their best-selling colors chosen by the great folks at Zoom.

This giveaway ends March 28, 2023. Good luck! Click Me

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