International Night at FreeStuff Every Wednesday


The Internet connects all points of the globe together, so we are not surprised to get inquiries from all over the planet asking for offers they can benefit from. The majority of offers that we find are from U.S. companies that only ship to the U.S. Canada has the second highest frequency of offers that it is eligible for, to no surprise since it shares a common border and language with the U.S. We have over 4000 offers posted on, with only about 150 offers available to the international community. We pledged to do better by this group, without downsizing our commitment to our base of subscribers in the USA.

We are now adding at minimum 5 new international offers per week during a 5 hour window between 12am till 5am Eastern Time (UTC-5) on Wednesday night (in U.S. which is technically Thursday morning). We will post a reminder notice that the International Night is about to start on both Twitter and Facebook shortly before the first post is added that night. We will make a new post each hour until all five post have been made.

In case you want to see what we have added, you can always use the search feature to see the international offers we have made in total.

  1. For a list of all international offers click on this link:
  2. For a list of those offers explicitly targeting Canada click on this link:
  3. So might also use the search box to enter your country by name, but that might miss some of the results. There are offers that state eligibility to all countries OTHER THAN the some short list. Your search would not produce a match on these type offers.
  4. Remember that by default, all offers are eligible to those in the U.S. unless explicitly declared otherwise in the offer details.

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