Pantry Boy – Ingredients Delivery Special Offer

Pantry Boy is an ingredient delivery service. Ditch the grocery and takeout lines! We make delicious meals simple with Slow Cooker or Gourmet Cooking!

  • Step 1
    Choose from 3 dietary options: Carnivore, Omnivore or Vegetarian.
  • Step 2
    We chop, prep and pre-portion your food so everything is ready to cook.
  • Step 3
    We vacuum pack and deliver three meals to your door in a temperature controlled box.
  • Step 4
    “Set and forget” the slow-cooker or use your stovetop to cook your meal in less than 30 minutes.

What You Can Save

  • Take Out 2 Person Meal
  • Grocery 2 Person Meal
  • Pantry Boy 2 Person Meal

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