Radio.Garden – FREE Listen to 8000 Radio Stations Around the World

Radio.Garden rocks the planet

Listen to radio stations from around the world.

  • Live broadcast!
  • AM/FM radio stations from around the world
  • FREE!!
  • No signup required to use.
  • No downloads required!

Listen to LIVE radio shows from EVERYWHERE

This is one of the coolest websites. Spin the globe, click on a green dot representing a LIVE radio station from that spot on the globe, and enjoy the music broadcast LIVE via radio as do the people that receive the signal on their trusty AM/FM radio stations.

Radio Garden is, essentially, Google Earth for radio. You click and drag a 3D globe around, and zoom in on local stations around the world. Every dot represents a feed you can tune in to, and, using the options in the top left of the webpage, you can switch between live streams, historical content, jingles, and recorded interviews. Live streams are the most engaging, and in a few minutes you can browse everything from Ugandan pop to Norwegian evangelical rock to Japanese J-pop to Indian astrological advice. It’s a genuine cornucopia, with nearly 10,000 stations available to tune in to. Request For Details

Please share some of your favorite stations in the comments for this page.

2 Responses

  1. FreeStuff Manager says:

    I agree Sam. This is one of my favorite websites and it is 100% FREE. So cool!!!

  2. Sam Sonner says:

    This is such a cool website. I listed to music from a radio station in Granada today, Senegal yesterday, with brief visits to all over the world. Love a variety of music and this is the ultimate!

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