Special offer for the United Kingdom – Want a 40″ 4K HD ready Panasonic TV?

Attention UK Viewers Apply to become a tester for Testers Keepers and get a 40″ 4K HD ready Panasonic TV!

How does Testers Keepers work? (these details are on the Testers Keepers website)

  1. Apply today to be a tester and then complete all of the questions within the mini survey.
  2. If you are selected to become a testers keepers product tester, we will contact you via email/telephone and you will then be sent the product/vouchers to test and review.
  3. Send us your review for the item you have won- which we will publish on site- we need to know your thoughts!
  4. You keep the product free of charge!

Click Here

Please note that this offer is extended just to the people in the United Kingdom. Sorry as it is a really cool offer. 🙂


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