Top Downloads For your PC and MAC

While you are taking care of your family and friends this holiday season, don’t forget to do a little something for your computer. The holidays are sometimes the best time to clean up clutter on your computer and to prepare for the upcoming new year. Below are some software downloads for your computer that will help you clear space, get rid of bugs and viruses, and search safer in the new year.


Get Total Protection for Your Devices & Files (PC or MAC). 50% Discount Today with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. TotalAV makes computers up to 77% faster, 117% longer battery life and 75GB more Disk Space. #1 Rated Anti-Virus software according to


Use this tool to repair PC errors and computer crashes. FixMyPC performs quick registry cleanup and repairs. I suggest that you do a quick Google search on FixMyPC to read the reviews of the product. The product has been around for a while and many techs use it when you take your PC into the shop.


Are you searching in private?
Install Search Incognito and search without being tracked! Search Incognito was designed specifically to protect you from the prying eyes of large corporations and allow you to search the web with confidence. (Works with Firefox and Chrome only)

PDF CONVERTER – Simple PDF Converter

Simple PDF Converter is a versatile tool for all of your PDF needs. Convert Word documents, pictures, and more into PDFs. It also works as a PDF, eBook, and comic book reader. (Requires Chrome Browser)


With everyone looking to protect their computer files and folders at the moment, this really is a once in a lifetime chance to do that for FREE.
Full unlimited Cloud Storage, with their anytime money back guarantee. Allowed Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

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