Yandex.Search – Android (Russia)

No matter what your question is – be it finding an ATM, what to cook for dinner, or what song is on the radio – Yandex.Search will quickly find the information you need.

• Start typing in the address bar and the app will provide you with search suggestions based on the first few letters.
• Simply type in a currency’s name to instantly see its current exchange rate. Many more of your questions are answered instantly thanks to prepared answers.
• Ask how to put up a set of shelves or how to cook a steak properly, and Yandex.Search will return videos and images providing you with detailed instructions.
• Find the nearest ATM, restaurant, store, or any other organization or place of interest with ease thanks to the business directory. You can see useful contact info and working hours right on the map.
• Push to Call means you can dial numbers right from the app by tapping them.
• Discover new music – if you only hear just a few words of a song, type it in. Yandex.Search will find the song’s name, artist, lyrics, and even let you listen to it in full.
• Ask while on the go – Yandex’s voice recognition will understand you and look for an answer straight away (full support for English coming soon).

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Allowed Countries: Russian Federation

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