Free $100 Visa Gift Card – EXPIRED

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Do you want a $100 Visa Gift card? Everybody needs cash, but not everyone drinks Pepsi. That’s OK, you can still participate — just answer the quick survey as best as you can.

This Visa gift card is good wherever Visa is accepted. Participation required.

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  1. I’m excited

  2. This seems to be a really good site. mz lady angel

  3. would like a gift card, could use the money!

  4. As you smoke who is consuming whom. The more you inhale,the more of your time is consumed with a cigarette in your hand. An expensive habit that cost most people more than they ever realize. The costs are social,financial,productive,and medical.that’s just naming a few,and maiming of quite a few others.having had a three pack a day habit myself.I know

  5. My whole family smokes but we could use some cash

  6. Non smoker growing up with a family of smokers really stinks!

  7. i really need money this would be cool to have i want it i never get free oney evea please let me get it i will be happy my animals need food and a bone too. lol

  8. The best thing ever !

  9. i could really us it

  10. This would help

  11. i would be happy and it will help a lil

  12. this would help me get gas so i can go to school

  13. i have smoked for 38 years now i have copd and i am a diabetic to boot i quit 3 years ago and im trying to raise two 8 year old childern i wish i knew about smoking in the 60s that i know now if you smok now please quit befor its to late thanks

  14. I Could Realy use Visa Gift Card It Would Come In Handy With My Son And Life.

  15. Non smoker exposed to second hand smoke for over 20 years – now I have bronchial asthma – bummer!

  16. Smoking should not be in public.

  17. could really use it for the holiday coming up. or even towards my classes

  18. i am currently going to be attending school in January and this would help me out so much.

  19. Cool Cant wait….

  20. this card will really help me to get my apartment together

  21. Who’d of thought it? Really,who knew.If this is real than right on,right on,right on. Yeah!!

  22. this would help so much

  23. would be well used

  24. Money, Great!

  25. umm when i clicked on get yours now it went to

  26. thanks i will use well

  27. First time for this, I am a smoker. Want to see if free money is true. Can use the money. Thanks. Make me a believer.

  28. This visa card would help me and my husben out alot because we are not working at all and my 2 year old is not pottie trained yet but we are working on it alot but for now we still use diapers and wipes so please that card would be nice THANK YOU DAWN

  29. I like free stuff! Who doesn’t?

  30. This would help alot

  31. Thanxs

  32. i would love to try this.

  33. i would love to try your products

  34. i dont have a sob story. i just need the money im hungry..

  35. need this money real bad not a sad stroy but have 3 kids to take care of

  36. i want to get a free visa credit card form your web.

  37. Thx…would help

  38. i would really like to get this money because i have a month old bby i need money to buy his supplies

  39. i have an exceptional teenage daughter that is #2 in class no babies,self-motivated self-assured has high expectations of herself & self-less would like to surprise her

  40. i need this money becase i have a mouth old baby to buy his supplies

  41. i need money to buy my kids some clothes. we all have been wearing hand-me-downs and cut-arounds! help us!

  42. My stepson’s birthday is coming up in late August if I win this money, it will help me pay for hi gift.

  43. i just like the idea of free stuff!!!!