Free $1000 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card – EXPIRED

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Free $1,000 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

Free stuff from Victoria’s Secret is always welcome. While the store is primarily used by women today, it was actually started by a man who felt embarrassed purchasing lingerie for his wife in the awkward department store environment.

In effect, stores were designed for men with wood paneled walls and a helpful staff. Women’s underwear was typically framed on the wall, and men would make their selection and estimate the size. The stock was then pulled from the back of the store so that a purchase could be made. After 5 years on operation, the company was purchased by The Limited.

The Limited kept the personalized image of Victoria’s Secret intact. Victoria’s Secret was rapidly expanded into the U.S. malls throughout the 1980s. The company was able to vend a widened range of products such as shoes, evening wear, and perfumes among others with its mail catalog issued eight times annually.

Today, there are 1,000 Victoria’s Secret lingerie stores and 100 Victoria’s Secret beauty stores in the United States. These stores are located mostly in US malls.

A pretty interesting history. It’s no doubt the store provides a more comfortable environment for men while purchasing lingerie. I’ve bought my wife lingerie in the store before and it’s a good experience. However, it’s mostly populated by women shoppers today.

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  1. what gril wouldnt want this? i would where them for my boyfriend. what do i have to do to win

  2. victoria i am 54 and i dont want wrinkles anymore that why i would love and adore victoria’s secret so i dont see these wrinkles no more

  3. i love victoria secrets clothing i was tryna work there at tha one in our area but they said i had to be 18 so i told them i will be 18 in a couple of months i got tha application and filled it out and i still got it i’m waitin till i am 18 so i can work there or i might just turn it in and see what yall think????but i would love to get a 500 dollar gift card from victoria secret please pick me cause i also want to be a model and i look good in tha underwear

  4. I love victoria secrets

  5. I have always loved vicky me and my daughter and i would love to be the one you picked for this one i am so excited just to be writing you this email for the chance to win this please choose me very grateful in ohio

  6. Who wouldn’t want to get him to pop the question sooner!! This would do the trick

  7. to someone who never express’s herself to victoria who has all the secrets please share some with me I am dying to get something to make me come alive for the first time may be the last time..

  8. I hope I get this it will be awesome:)

  9. victoria is sexy.

  10. I’m a single mother of 7 and I deserve it! (lol)

  11. I never had Victoria Secrets before and I would love to have this and plus my B-day is comming up.

  12. I am 56yrs old and still can wow my husuand, and I would really love to really woooooow him with a wardrobe of Victoria Secrets outfits.

  13. I am 54 years old, single, and still look pretty good. I would like a chance to feel good again and win this for my Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s present to myself.

  14. Me and my husband work full time and have no time to do anything sexy and i dont’ have anything sexy when we might get the chance so it would be so awsome if i could surprise him with this one night.

  15. I had a house fire and lost EVERYTHING… has been very hard to buy for myself because all money goes into rebuilding the house…this would be awesome actually being able to do for myself.

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  17. i,m very spontaneous in bed but nothing to wear for my fiance please help put the fire back in the bedroom

  18. i would be happy to recieve this offer.i dont have much since i moved out of my parents house

  19. I love the lingerie and the perfumes from this place. Its the best place to get a gift for me or my friends and family.

  20. I always buy my undergarmets from Walmart because any extra monwy does go to my children, so the thought of being able to go to Victoria Secret is just very exciting and would make my day. I am pretty sure their products would last longer too.


  22. i notice victora secert i awesome and where you won’t feel enbrass about shopping

  23. victorias secret its my favorite store! too bad i have no money to buy myself anything rite now i have no job

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  26. this gift card would really be appreciated since i have such a hard time finding any sexy lingeriae that i can afford to wear and looks good on me. i’m a mother of 3 and spend most of my time taking care of the children it would be nice to have somthing for myself to make me feel like a hot mamma for daddy so we could spice it up a bit thanks

  27. I do love victorias secret I purchased a lot of cloths for my honeymoon and received tons of compliments. Unfortunatly I had to send all the bras back. I am very very short and most bra straps are not completley adjustable. But I love there underwhere and clothing. I will take good care of them because married life (house, biils, and more) puts you on a very unsingle budget. Thanks VS for helping looking good on my honey moon!

  28. Please! my birthday is febuary 6th and i need cloths!!!! p;ease!

  29. i love victoria’s secret because i like 2 shop there.

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  31. IS my favori store


  33. Victoria Secret is the best and I know I’ll look in whatever I put on from there

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  36. Victoria Secrets products are so beautiful

  37. Would love to pick out some nice things for my special companion

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  39. I’m a newly wed and this would be great to add just a liitle more spice.

  40. I love Victorias Secret, from the lingerie to the lotions. I am a single mom of 4 kids so I never can afford to shop in there, so I keep buying the cheap walmart stuff that never fits right and never lasts. My friend gets to buy there and I dream of having some for me.

  41. Victorias Secret is amazing! I dont shop there all the time but when I do I go crazy. From all their amazing perfumes to every thing that fits you the “right way”!

  42. i will love to get this

  43. i am getting married so this will be nice for us

  44. i would really like to have a victorias sercerts card. i love thirer body lotions and soaps and also pink perfume. it has been a really longtime,since i bought something for my self so i can feel silky sexy.

  45. I love all your products especially your perfume and body lotion called BODY. Its romantic scent lasts a very long time and I get compliments everywhere I go. You’re the best company in the world!

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  48. i love the smell everyone i know love the smells all the women in the shop at your stores even my friends from bubbles to panties it just makes you feel beatiful no matter what size shape or what you look like it makes you feel beatiful and classy

  49. I love Victoria Secret I just dont have the money for it and it would be great to feel high class since I am so poor and dont have money

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  56. my size lately is up and up im pregnant and due in less then a month and i would love for it to go down again but all of my undergarments are different sizes and cheap because i am going to raise him on my own and i would really love this one thing for me please

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  72. Would like my wife to feel sexy when she wears your products and i can see what your products look like on her. Thx.

  73. The Big Secert is that you will never feel the seem ago, want’s you enter into any Victoria Secret Store. Because there so many smooth any soft produce sold there that you will never want to live there without buying something to make you feel real go inside.

  74. I love Victorias Secret & order from them all the time

  75. Please! I would love to have this!

  76. i love there clothing line!!!!!

  77. My daughter lives for the new catelog. I can’t affort VS yet receive gift items. A gift card would make a birthday happening any day of the year.

  78. oh i absolutely adore vs i wish i could afford more of it

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  80. I want to get my mom something for her bday but i dont have any money, and she loves victoria

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  82. my boyfriend and i arent having relations as much as id like and i thought maybe this would spice things up some. thank you

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  92. This would be great. Victoria Secret makes me feel like a sexy woman who is in heaven instead of the stay at home mommy looking for love! Thid card would make me feel good about myself again and give me the boost of courage I need to get back out there and find true love!!! To have a Happy Heart!

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  97. I love the pants at Victoria’s Secret. The petite sizes are perfect for me.

  98. my mother in law love the stuff from this store so we would realy love this alot

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  100. Something about Victorias Secret makes it feel wonderful to be a woman!

  101. i love victoria’s a big fan of the bags,perfumes,clothes!! :) it makes me feel sexy when im not even trying to do so..

  102. ive never tried victoria secret before, but i would like to try their clothing. i use to go shopping for me but now i got two kids n im only 19. i havent done something for myself in along time. that would be so friggin awesome!!!

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  105. To enjoy the scents of love,passion, and essence of Victoria Secrets products would be an exceptional gift to my mother and sisters. (now you know I am getting myself something as well, we are talking about Victoria Secrets)

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  112. My wife loves Victoria Secret. All the ladies on our street love Victoria Secret and their husbands spoil them with stuff from Victoria Secret.

  113. Love Victoria Secret….love free stuff too

  114. A dream, can come true….I would love to feel pretty and pampered~~~

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  116. I have been a big fan of VICTORIA’S SECRET since I came here to the U.S. Their products are awesome. As a woman its essential for me to feel comfortable at the store & in the clothing. But more importantly every time I Shop at VICTORIA’S SECRET Store or on line it makes me feel more beautiful and sexy!

  117. I like Victoria Secret’s because they always have the right stuff, when im in the right mood, at the right time. Rather it be just a plane little pair of shorts or a cute little nightie!!

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