Win a Year’s Supply of Gas

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Win a Year’s Supply of Gas.

Here’s a free $250 gas card good at any station nationwide. Check for availability in your area. Participate before this one ends!

Tips for Saving Gas

If you’re looking for a free gas card, you’ll probably be interested in some tips for saving that precious fuel. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Do not drive aggressively. Rapid starts, braking, and speeding wastes gas like you wouldn’t believe. At highway speeds, you can decrease your gas mileage by up to 33% of you drive aggressively. Additionally, driving like a sensible person is also safer for everyone involved. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be saving lives as well.
  2. Pay attention to and follow the speed limit. Speed limits are put into place for a reason. One of the obvious reasons is of course safety, but it also has to do with fuel economy. While driving faster than 55 MPH on the highway, fuel economy starts to degrade exponentially. Basically, for each 5 MPH you drive over 60 MPH on the highway, expect to pay an additional $0.25 or so for gas per gallon. Speed does in fact cost money. How fast do you want to go?
  3. Get rid of the weight. Remove all things that aren’t necessary from your trunk and vehicle. Carrying around excess weight is detrimental on your fuel economy, because your vehicle has to work harder to maintain speed. An extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce mileage by 1% or more. Every little bit helps.
  4. Don’t idle. If you can help it, don’t idle your vehicle. Idling awards you with a big fat 0 MPG, eroding your other efforts to maintain a high miles-per-gallon average.
  5. Use cruise control. Most cars these days have cruise control, so it’s beneficial to use it. Not only is it convenient, it automatically eliminates unnecessary acceleration and speeds in your vehicle. Set it to the speed limit, jump into the right-hand lane and let everyone else worry about passing you.
  6. Overdrive. Most of you probably drive automatic transmissions. If you aren’t, make sure you’re using the highest gear possible at highway speeds. Higher gears allow traveling at lower engine revolutions per minute, equating to increased gas mileage.

Win a Year’s Supply of Gas.

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  1. this is very interesting to learn. i didnt think that my speed determined how much gas i used.

  2. Hi Shenika,

    Pay attention to your RPM gauge if you have one. The faster your speed, the higher your RPMs; The higher your RPMs, the more fuel you are burning.

  3. If you need a turn up does that make you use more gas

  4. Kay, if your car isn’t tuned up chances are you are using more gas.

  5. Great! Did not know about the idling concern.

  6. I think its good that gas is going down

  7. I was not aware of how the speed affects your gas mileage or how idling does.

  8. whatever it take to save gas i’m for it so I will empty my trunk so I can get a better gas mileage.

  9. I will empty my trunk so I can save my gas.

  10. Hm, does this work?

  11. Really does this work

  12. My Van is a gas-a-holic! I learned your tire pressure also effects your gas mileage too.

  13. my 1970 chevelle supersport is a super gas hog i really could use a 250.00 gas card for xmas

  14. i drive 100 miles a day to work, I really could use this

  15. clean or replace your air filter, no one like breathing through a rag, and neither does your car. servicing your air filter decreases the force needed to suck in air, results in better hp and mpg.

  16. i drive 30 miles every day and thought i had bad milage, now i’m gonna go clean out my car and air up my tires.

  17. this is very interesting are there any more info that will help

  18. I have to say that gas is MUCH better now than it was a few moths ago but this gift card would certainly help a lot of people.

  19. I did not know that the extra weight would affect the mileage my car puts out! My trunk and my back seat are always full.

  20. Keeping a steady speed, accelerating quicker to the speed limit & staying there, using cruise control when possible, as well as so many other factors all hugely contribute to gas mileage!!

  21. Changing your filters will increase your gas mileage.

  22. Changing your gas & air filters will improve your gas mileage.

  23. Thank you for the comment about overdrive I didn’t know that. I tried it and it really really works. I do alot of highway driving and my car switches from manual to stick. And I get good mileage on the highway. Thanks !

  24. keeping the air conditioning off will save gas also

  25. try keeping dowm the car windows us the fresh air from the out doors for your air that will keep your gas gauge down.

  26. Rolling the windows down while within the city instead of using the a/c gives you better in-city morning mpg — especially if you are in stop-and-go traffic a lot; whereas turning on the a/c instead of driving with your windows rolled down while on the highway, will give you better highway mpg.

  27. sorry, I don’t know why that says “morning.” It’s too early!

  28. I travel 4 days a week to school up in Philly. 1hr.5 drive. then back to middletown to work in a nursing home. my car eats gas so i spend alot of cash.. by what a relief it would be if i had the 250 gas card for me.

  29. I am retired and because of my condition I travel to the hospital which is 24 miles away from where I live and is one way. A gas card surely would help.

  30. I didn’t know that speed means more gas milage.
    Advise well noted. Will make sure I get rid of the lead in my right foot.

  31. drive the same constant rate of speed and you will use less gas.

  32. Today eceryone needs to use every resoirce to thier avaiability. Thank you so much for .

  33. I did not know useing my cruise control wooud help my gas milage thanks for the heads up. I really could ues the to drive to work.

  34. changing your spark plugs and wires when give you better gas mileage to.

  35. I will make sure I keep my tire preasure in “check”. Didn’t realize it made a huge difference.

  36. it takes as much gas to start ur car as it does to let it idle for 3mins.

  37. Today everyone needs to use every resoirce to thier avaiability. Thank you so much for .

  38. I think its great to get free stuff

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  42. In the mornings I roll the windows down to save gas.

  43. I was tolded to save gas keep windows up. I would whether have windows open at times.

  44. i roll down windows to save gas

  45. Gas er up!

  46. I know when I keep my car with tune ups regularly i get better gas mileage

  47. Be careful with the cruise control. In some cars it is better NOT to use it. Also, if you are driving an automatic, do not allow your car to coast own those luscious NH hills. The engine is allowed to run freely and uses more gas. With a standard transmission, however, the gears are not engaged, so there is no waste. Coast away!

  48. is ther any avalible cards left

  49. i didnt no why my gas use to go so fast.
    thanks now i no iv go a heavy foot!

  50. i think it is very important to service the vehicle regular change oil and filter get tires checked for proper pressure each time

  51. These information was really helpful.

  52. saving gas is a plus and a few tricks to save gas are doing the posted speed using a treatment system every 3 months my favorite is gumout you can find that at autozone or any parts house and most of all using your A/C as little as possible roll your windows down…..SE

  53. I need gas to get back and foward to the kids school

  54. I did not air pressure made a big differance

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  74. I try not to step on the gas much and before I step on the gas I take my foot of the gas a little bit and step on the brakes slowly

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