Free $100 Lowe’s Gift Card – EXPIRED

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Free $100 Lowe’s Gift Card

Lowe’s has some great prices, and you can find just about whatever you need to improve your home or yard at this super-store. Second in market share to Home Depot, Lowe’s really delivers when it comes to value.

The last item I purchased from Lowe’s was a washing machine for my home. Six years later it’s still holding up, and I haven’t even needed to use the extended warranty offered by Lowe’s.

About Lowe’s

No longer a low-profile company, Lowe’s Companies has evolved from a regional hardware store operator into a nationwide chain of home improvement superstores. The #2 US home improvement chain (after The Home Depot), Lowe’s has more than 1,500 superstores in 50 states and expanded into Canada in late 2007. The company’s stores sell about 40,000 products for do-it-yourselfers and professionals for home improvement and repair projects, such as gardening products, home fashion items, lumber, millwork, plumbing and electrical supplies, and tools, as well as appliances and furniture. Lowe’s is the second-largest US home appliance retailer after Sears.

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  1. this would truely be wonderful. my husband left for the marines and left a lot of projects unfinished. it would be great for me and my son to get these projects done in time for him to come home.

  2. Lowe’s employees have always been very helpful, even to the point of suggesting a certain item or replacement part. Thanks Lowe’s

  3. I would really do some good to my house before winter in ohio comes that would be awesome

  4. this would be great

  5. i just bought my first house and there are very little that needs to be done to it. but this free gift card would really help me out on fixing my new home up for my 4 childern.

  6. i love fixing up my house always in lowe looking around for new ideal to make it look better or alway buying there paint to change color my family say they dont know what to expect when they come over


  8. would love a gift card!

  9. i love working in my yard this card will be great for the fall planting.

  10. Need A Fixer upper !

  11. Its easier to find things at lowes than home depot.

  12. My wife and I just purchased a house and have many home improvement projects we are working on. Would love the help to get those finished.

  13. We have big house and truly need some improvement. a big house i never called home!