Free Gift Card for MAC Cosmetics – EXPIRED

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Do you like MAC cosmetics? How about a free gift card good for the purchase of up to $500 worth of free makeup?

Sounds like a good deal, huh? Just enter your email address to see if you qualify and follow the instructions to participate in this special promotion.

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  1. MAC! ♥

  2. I love mac cosmetics and could really do with a free voucher as I am a poor student!

  3. me so i can buy stuff for kids in need

  4. ilovemac!

  5. Thank u for the free 500 Dollor I wona use it for the iPod

  6. I love mac and I will love to get it plz I have three kids and I’ll be happy if I get it

  7. New tried MAC products. would love to!

  8. I love Mac cosmetics. Looking forward to the gift card!

  9. I would LOVE this….I’m a new mommy and need my makeup to handle the rath of a 5 month old boy to help me look Fab all day and I know MAC products are the best <3

  10. I use Mac products and would love to introduce my teen daughters to it, with this I could afford to start them off on the right type of makeup.

  11. i love mac products….its my passion doing makeup on my friends and relatives , wish i can do it for a business ,but its hard when u have 3 kids !

  12. I love everything make up, I would love to do it as a business. As of right now I help teen girls/ adults with low self esteem, look their best I also do free makeovers. This gift card will be put to good use, also will go back to the community.

  13. I love Mac because of its variety of shades! This would help me get started on my dream of becoming a make up artist, which is a bit difficult to do with twin babies because it’s pricy.

  14. I love, luv, love Mac !!

  15. I like the free stuff

  16. I love to experiment new looks and colors Mac is great for this because of the variety.

  17. I am a single parent but love to look my best, the voucher would help a lot!

  18. that would be awesome 🙂 !

  19. I love Mac!! Great cover up amd lip gloss

  20. i would love to get some free make up i have six kids so dont have the money to really doll my self up it would be nice for a change

  21. Mac is the best makeup ever made in cosmetics long lasting feels good and looks great what eles would u want in makeup but look ur best.

  22. i would soooooo <3 this

  23. I love makeup trust me, I love doing makeup n it would be a blessing if I was blessed with a free $500 gotta card for makeup. I like doing makeup and I can do how ever I want because I love to do art, I love time mix and match

  24. i soooooooooooooooo want this please

  25. I am a student at a beauty school who wants to become a makeup artist who works for organizations that help raise money for the homeless and for kids who are H.I.V. Possitive so the gift card would help alot to get my make up kit started.

  26. I need makeup help ” .period

  27. I love mac makeup……….my favorite….

  28. LOVE MAC

  29. I love MAC make up! Unfortunately it is too expensive to afford being a single mom of 4 kids! I just wish MAC make up products can be more affordable!

  30. I’m a single mom ans can’t afford awesome products like MAC so this would be amazing!

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