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FREE TRIAL OFFER for Apex Voluminous Eyelashes

VOLUMINOUS mascara is packed with powerful ingredients to nourish your lashes. Vitamin E, wheat, soy and other natural ingredients will strengthen, lengthen and create gorgeous lash volume. You will have thicker, longer and sultry volumized lashes in no time!
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With APEX LASHES rich ingredients, your eyelashes can reclaim the same length and fullness they once had. Results may vary, but everyone will see a difference.

The powerful nutrients from APEX LASHES serum will condition and restore moisture to your lashes every night to help them look fuller and thicker.

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VOLUMINOUS mascara is packed with powerful

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  1. Thank you for the free sample

  2. Treacy says:

    Free cosmetics
    Voluminous eye shadow
    Whatever other products are free please send

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