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  1. shalu says:

    excited to use Essence body mist.

  2. cant waut to have and smeell like essence body mist! sounds lovely.

  3. cant wait to have essence body mist!

  4. i would like recent samples send to me please. 905 TRICE DRIVE NASHVILLE>TENN 37209

  5. Angela Aldridge says:

    Thank you. I love free stuff.

  6. Jeanette Washington says:

    I hope to smell good after using Essence body mist

  7. I am excited about trying Essence body Mist.

  8. Jamee says:

    I want to smell pretty!

  9. shannonbusby says:

    Hopefully i will love it

  10. jessica says:

    like it

  11. yasmine says:


  12. christine says:


  13. Shana Miller says:

    Thank you

  14. LATWAIN says:


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