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  1. Crystal says:

    Copy and paste this link: http://www.startsampling.com/sm/lorealparis102916

  2. Olivia says:

    I would love to get some works great

  3. Cynthia Mott says:

    I would like this

  4. This looks great!!!!!

  5. robby says:

    will start to bye if it works

  6. robby says:

    if you do i will send this to all my friends on face book to show how good company that you are

  7. Evelin says:

    This shampoo looks like it’s works! And in a very beautiful bottle

  8. amelia says:

    I would like to request this product lorel vibrant shampoo to everyone!

  9. kay shute says:

    This shampoo sounds great

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