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The Food Storage Chef. family is owned and operated company with headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Food Storage Chef was founded based on an idea of the need for an affordable and easy way to provide emergency essentials for your family in the event of a disaster and economic uncertainty. We take pride in knowing that we offer the highest quality gourmet food storage products backed by a 30-year shelf storage guarantee you can now feel at ease in knowing your investment has your family protected in these uncertain times.

As you may know there are other Food Storage companies, but what separates us from the rest? It’s our gourmet signature meals created by a panel of chefs bringing you the finest tasting variety of meal options you can find out there. Our freeze dried selection of meal options are designed specifically with convince in mind by simply just adding water you now can prepare delicious family favorites in any situation, anywhere, any time.



13 Responses

  1. i love getting free stuff

  2. shirissa baton says:

    I love free stuff

  3. paul says:

    what a fantastic site

  4. Joicy says:

    Looking forward to trying simple easily made gourmet meals…!

  5. faye wingate says:

    thank you!!! for the sample!!

  6. Ranji says:

    I always have leftovers so i’m always looking for good food storage items. I have all kinds but still can’t find the right one…..They all take up too much space in the fridge

  7. julie says:

    Looking toward to the chef stuff from Utah.

  8. lisa kipnis says:

    this is a very good idea!

  9. Donna Saye says:

    I am a vegetarian!

  10. Donna Saye says:

    Do you have vegetarian meals?

  11. angie says:

    I can’t wait to try Food Storage Chef! Once I try the food and like it, I would like to order more for the future in case of any disasters…

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