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  1. My family as well as myself LOVE Miracle Whip-a sandwich is not the same without it.

  2. kellie maynard says:

    I got my samples….Thank-you this is Great Stuff!!!! 🙂

  3. kenneth barrows says:

    luv miracle whip

  4. Rotha Haynes says:

    I love miracle whip!!!!!!!!

  5. davina shepherd says:

    would love to try it ive herd it is really nice thankyou

  6. I would like my free sample of mircle whip
    It makes a sandwiched taSted o so gud

  7. I would like my free sample of mircle whip

  8. I love mircle whip on all my sandwiched its the real deal

  9. Diana says:

    Miracle Whip has always been my favorite salad dressing!

  10. Nichole says:

    They are all out of samples so this should say expired as well

  11. Donald says:

    There is nothing better with a sandwich than some good old Miracle Whip.

  12. Hazel Washington says:

    Thank you!!!

  13. Denis Mast says:

    Miracle Whip is the only way to go

  14. christine says:

    i love the taste of mircle whip

  15. Dorothy Bailey says:

    My son Will only eat tuna salad if it is Made with miracle whip.

  16. BRAD says:


  17. Grace Ward says:

    I love the taste of miracle whip then any other mayonaise

  18. lisa says:

    number one in salad dressings, for sure.goes great with my bologna cheese sand, would love free sample.and thank you.

  19. Raymond says:

    it’s some good stuff

  20. maria says:

    I love miracle whip

  21. Cathy Dempster says:

    Thank you would like to try this product.

  22. Kandie says:

    i love this stuff!!

  23. Kandie says:

    i love this stuff!

  24. Norma says:

    I love miracle whip. In fact, that’s the only sandwich spread I use.

  25. margaret O'Rourke says:

    havent heard of this product so would love to try it. Thank you

  26. what a great product

  27. michelle says:

    that’s good stuff

  28. I am very anxious to try the product. My husband has shyed away from trying it and I am now very excited to see how we’ll like it!!!

  29. roseanne masucci says:

    thank you can’t wait to try it!!

  30. natasha says:

    would like to request my free miracle whip, my favorite and one and only mayo..

  31. patti says:

    Miracle Whip is the only salad dressing I would use in my potato salad

  32. alice olivo says:

    I love Miracle Whip!

  33. leslie swigert says:

    i would like to get free samples plz

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