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  1. jose says:

    I buy this products for my kids, they are very good.


  2. Jelyn Grace B. Gracilla says:

    I’m a working mom with a 2yr. old beautiful girl. I personally chose Nido 1plus for my baby when I started working when she was only 1yr.old because I knew that she’ll have all the right nutrients than any powdered milk. For me, Nido 1plus is the right choice for my precious baby!!!

    You’re the best, Nido 1plus!!!

  3. josh alexander says:

    good i want to tri it

  4. christine rowe says:

    They aren’t giving any samples..just coupons!

  5. Tomalamwatts says:


  6. Sheila says:

    Is this like cocoa.Let’s taste test.

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