Free Sample of PowerBar ProteinPlus Bites – EXPIRED

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From the request page:

“PowerBar® TriSource™ protein blend was developed to help build lean muscle. The TriSource™ protein found In PowerBar ProteinPlus® bites is a blend of whey, soy, and casein that helps provide sustained amino acid delivery. Take PowerBar ProteinPlus® products after strength training to help build and repair muscle tissue.”



9 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    it dont work no more.

  2. carollyons says:

    i put in my email in for powerbar. it said sorry your email address is already in use . how ever someone use my email but it not me. use my email will get they wil get the free power bar thank you carol

  3. Ray Sons says:

    never tried it.. Do use whey protein power..

  4. Linda Osbeck says:

    I would like this free healthy snack.

  5. Linda Osbeck says:

    sounds like it is very healthful.

  6. jamesbrown says:

    i would like to try them

  7. alice olivo says:

    what a great idea bite size!

  8. kevin powell says:

    I like this website because it’s fun and everything you see on here is all 1,0000% freebies and i would recemend people to use this website it’s that good

  9. roseanne masucci says:

    can’t wait!!