Free SoyJoy Bar – EXPIRED

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Today we’ve found a free Soy bar from SoyJoy. This free sample comes from Wal-Mart.

Instead of eating a sugary snack, try one of these on for size. These bars are made from soy, real fruit and other healthy, organic ingredients. As a result, your blood sugars stay stable and you keep feeling full throughout the day.

To get your free sample, click on the ‘Get Your Sample’ button after visiting the Wal-Mart page. Samples will arrive by mail and while supplies last. One request per household, please.



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  1. need for test

  2. they look really goo, wanted to try them out

  3. wanted to try them to see if they taste good

  4. i wanted to try them befor i bought them

  5. Im very pleased that i vist this site can’t wait to come back.

  6. I’m on a diet and I’m looking for healthy snack food, I would like to try if before i buy it to see if i like it.

  7. hi i love this bar!!!

  8. hi

  9. I thought it would be good to try , but i did not like it ended up feeding it to my dog and cat , they loved
    well we all like diffrent things, so good thing its free.

  10. i want need hive it

  11. i would like to try these

  12. I’d like to try this, but I would like to choose what I try.

  13. Looking forward to tring this product.

  14. This offer seems to have expired.

  15. I tried to get the free sample but it didn’t work it kept asking what kind did want and all they had was banana so I clicked on banana and it didn’t work.

  16. i would love to try this product

  17. I tried to signup for free sample but It wouldn’t let me. Said I needed to choose a flavor. The only flavor available was banana and I selected it, but it still told me I had to make a selection and wouldn’t go any further. Bummer

  18. I also tried to sign up but could not. The only flavor listed was banana
    but even though I checked it several times, the form kept saying no flavor was selected. If all the bars were already spoken for, they should have posted that.

  19. No more samples remaining..damn

  20. Would like to try it.

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