Free Stella Artois Custom-Engraved Chalice (Mail In Offer) – EXPIRED

You can get a free custom-engraved chalice by entering a redemption code.¬†However, you’ll need a redemption code first.

A valid redemption code can be obtained in two ways: 1) Purchase a participating package of Stella Artois that has the redemption code on the inside, or 2) request a free redemption code my mailing in a postcard.

Since we like free stuff here, we’re going to go with number 2. Here’s how to get your free redemption code:

To request a free code without making a purchase, hand print your first and last name, complete mailing address (no PO Boxes), and age on a 3″ x 5″ index card or piece of paper and place your request into an outer-mailing envelope with proper postage affixed and mail it to: Stella Artois Custom Engraved Chalice Code Request, PO Box 750198, El Paso, TX 88575-0198. Only one (1) request per envelope. Limit one (1) Code request per person. Requests must be received by March 15, 2012.

Once you do that, go to this site and enter your code to customize and order your free chalice.

All done! Since this is a custom-made product, please allow 30-60 days to receive your chalice. Offer not valid in Texas.



7 Responses

  1. amber says:

    Got my chalice a couple days ago and it is beautiful.

  2. logan cabin says:

    that would make a nice drinking glass for my protein shakes, that would be classy!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    It says i need to be of legal drinking age to enter the site…. im 54…..

  4. T Hill says:

    Do we need to include a self addressed stamped envelope also?

    I did….just wasn’t sure if it was necessary.

  5. This would be a shock if its real! But I’m hopeful:)

  6. Chad says:

    It has been taking 1-2 weeks to receive your redemption code according to people that have done this already.

  7. Can’t. Mk comment on Facebk. Am sendin.g 3×5 to get code. An excellent giftThanks.

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