Free Box of Lipton Tea – EXPIRED

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Update: EXPIRED.

You like tea, right?

Lipton is running their “SustainibiliTEA” program and are giving away free boxes of Lipton Tea.

All you have to do is call 1-888-435-3639 and then enter your birth date. After that, you’ll be asked to provide your name and mailing address.

I haven’t yet done this, but I assume it’s an automated process and they’ll ship out your free box of tea.

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  1. ok

  2. Lipton is busy, busy, busy today.

  3. I just called 07.09.09 and they are out of coupons.

  4. i love sun tea. i’ts better for you than pop.

  5. Amy I was getting ready to post the same comment!

  6. why didn’t i get a free box of lipton tea.and i agree with you amy you rock for saying that girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i call for the tea the line was busy

  8. I called at 5 AM on July 9, the day it was first posted and got a message they were out already:(

  9. It is amazing how fast that ran out….maybe next time!! I must say though, I love this website, I check it out at least once a day!

  10. i just love lipton tea. it is wonderful and refreshing

  11. He who hesitates is lost …out on the tea no party here.

  12. tea is refreshing . send them my way. Thank-you.

  13. no tea tonight. I called @ 12:00 midnight and no more coupons.

  14. i call they were out of it

  15. yes i love tea………..thank you very much

  16. I love drinking turkey hill tea I need to try other tea and get away from drinking turkey hill tea I need something healthy

  17. i would like a free sample.

  18. There are out of coupons:(