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Get free brand name samples from the top name brands, and that are perfect for the Summer Season! These are the brands you know, including Welch’s, Neosporin, Snuggles and many, many more. Just enter your zip code to get started.

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What Samples Can You Expect?

You’ll get a variety of samples from a large number of great brands that you recognize everyday. I’ll talk about some of the products you may receive free samples of:

Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment
No matter what your grandma actually told you, keeping wounds exposed to the air is not the most optimal way to heal them. The reason is that exposing wounds to the air exposes it to harmful bacteria and other infectious agents, and can actually impede wound healing. Research has been done and has shown that moist healing is best. Neosporin has a triple antibiotic formula and has been shown to kill more bacteria than any other leading ointment. In addition, using this free sample will help your wounds heal fast. Also, studies have shown that using this free sample will minimize the effect of scar formation. It’s an all around win-win.

Without a doubt you’ve heard of Kleenex tissue. The leader in it’s product category, Kleenex actually started by manufacturing a disposable sanitation tissue for wiping off cold cream. The company marketed Kleenex towards women for removing makeup, which was becoming increasingly popular at the time. The advertising campaign was successful, and hit all of the major magazines targeted for the female demographic at that time. This was during the 1925-1927 time period.

Just after 1927, Kimberly-Clark’s head researcher had a case of the sniffles and began using the tissue to blow his nose. He approached the head of marketing with an idea to market Kleenex as an all purpose “handkerchief.” The idea was initially shot down, but the company decided to run a small marketing campaign devoted to using the product for this purpose. In 1930, the use of Kleenex as a handkerchief caught on and the rest is history.

Snuggle Fabric Softener
Snuggle is an iconic brand that features the cute little bear as its mascot. In order to get the best use out of your free Snuggle fabric softener sample, you can use the liquid version in the wash or the Snuggle dryer sheets in the dryer. Both work equally well, but I’ve always preferred dryer sheets over liquid fabric softener. For even more Snuggle softness, you can use the liquid fabric softener in the washer and a dryer sheet in the dryer. This is twice the fabric softener power, and you can tell a difference. One thing to remember though: If you use the liquid free sample, avoid pouring it directly on top of the clothes to avoid stains.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks
Welch’s made it’s name in the juice drink department, but has since branched out into other fruit avenues such as fruity snacks. The Welch’s fruit snacks are made with real fruit and fruit juices and are fat free. With these snacks, you get 100% of your daily recommended allowance of vitamin C, and 25% of vitamins A and E. These are great for pakcing into your kids’ lunch box for school or enjoying as a snack at home all by yourself. Available flavors include Mixed Fruit, White Grape Peach, Strawberry, White Grape Raspberry, Concord Grape, Fruit Punch and Berries ‘N Cherries.

Other Benefits of Joining
Not only will you enjoy the free samples mentioned above (as well as many more not mentioned), but there are many other freebies that you’ll get with your free membership. You’ll also enjoy a free forum packed with information about samples and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Give it a shot and check your zip code to get started.

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