Free First Year Service of “Advertisement Quality” Video Production on the Yala Platform

Free video advertisement creation platform use for one year.
If you like the service, you pay for the years that follow.

Superb video ads,without the complexity of editing
Thousands of entrepreneurs rely on Yala for their video marketing.
Why? It helps them get professional quality video ads without the time-consuming editing complexity. Inspire your audience to take action and boost your RE brand awareness.

  • No editing, cameras, or good hair days needed
  • Make videos in about 60 seconds
  • All ads are social media optimized to perform best online
  • Our library is 1080p, high-quality, Yala exclusive footage
  • Powerful AI that learns your followers’ behaviors
  • Automatically publishes posts at the time of best engagement
  • Easy graphic tools that automatically resize specs for every platform
  • Post analytics & insights

With creative, animated templates and unlimited color options, Yala video ads are as unique as your brand. That’s why Yala is a beloved tool for businesses, teams, retail, real estate agents, home service professionals, brokers, and more. Click Me

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