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Why Use Grandma’s Herbs?

An herb is a plant that can feed, nourish and nurture the body. They can give us strength and enhance our immune systems. Learning about herbs and what methods we can use them to give aid to our bodies and enhance our overall health is what Grandma’s Herbs is all about. Request For Details

Sample Policy

Grandma’s Herbs Inc. provides samples of certain products. We at Grandma’s Herbs Inc. are dedicated to providing samples so that potential customers can make decisions about our products based on their own personal experiences. Each of these samples are intended to provide enough product for an individual to complete a test or trial of the product. The program is designed to allow customers to know with assurance that our products are exactly what we claim and to allow a test to see if the product fulfills the particular needs of that customer.

Grandma’s Herbs Inc. will send one order of samples per household. The customer will be responsible to pay all shipping and handling charges at the time of checkout. The customer may place more than one sample in their shopping cart before checking out, however the addition of samples may increase the shipping and handling charges in the shopping cart and must be paid upon checkout. An order is completed each time a customer checks out and submits all payment information so as to pay all charges posted in the shopping cart.

In the event that more than one order of sample(s) are ordered by one particular individual or for any one particular household, Grandma’s Herbs Inc. reserves the right to refuse to fulfill that order. In the event that it is determined by Grandma’s Herbs Inc. that an individual or household is attempting to abuse the sample program, by placing and completing more than one order including samples after being notified of this policy, Grandma’s Herbs Inc. reserves the right to refuse to fulfill the order and may retain the shipping charges collected at the time of the order. Abuse is defined as persisting to order samples after warnings are issued via email or phone calls that the sample orders for that individual or household have exceeded the sample order limit of one order.

Please feel free to place an order of sample(s) of any of the products available on the FREE SAMPLE page of our website. We welcome all that want to try our products.

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