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Quality you can trust
Kellys Pre-Rigged Plastic Bass Worms are made with High Quality Material and Craftsmanship, such as 17lb test Trilene XL line and Mustad hooks. We take No Shortcuts in making the Best! Every scented plastic worm is Hand-Poured, Each Hook and Leader is Hand-Tied and Hand-Sewn into the worm, Not molded in. This Creates a Natural Life-Like Action that Bass Can’t Resist! The hooks are precisely sewn into the worm lure not only for Bass Attacks but also to give superior Tantalizing Body and Tail Action! The kind of Quality you get in one of our Bass fishing worms gives you Full Hooking and Holding Power in every cast!

Kellys have reached the Ultimate in Soft Plastic Scented Worms. Our Secret Process of Annealing keeps our plastic worms Soft and Flexible for Good Action and gives our baits a Unique Blend of Fish-Catching Colors and Scent. This Distracts Fish from Their Traditional Habits and Gives You the Edge In Catching Bass!

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  1. hope smith says:

    i would love to win these my boyfreind lives for fishing and it would be a great treat for him. I hope that you pick me.

  2. Ethan R Boyd says:

    Greetings from Troop 554

    To Those I should certainly hope it concerns,

      thank you for taking the time to speak with me.  As I’m purchasing my first home, and dealing with some bone infection issues from an injury incurred overseas. Anyway, AS AN Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 554 in Slate Lick, PA; Moraine Trails Council, and among other things, I’m an Eagle Scout, and The merit badge councilor for our Fishing Badge and most other weather safety and activity activities. I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’m doing and so very often at least trying to do.  I do thank you , the outdoors and fishing industry as a whole, though.  I have met some fantastic professionals, and lately we have actually had a few attend some of our tournaments to see what we do.
      It’s been some time since we’ve had suck a great group of guys and involved parents, the road to Eagle Scout is untenable without not just community support, but peer and family support as well. I digress; we are in the TRi-Rivers (Allegheny) are and are hosts of World, National, and countless Amateur tournaments.  Briefly, my two largest ongoing projects at the moment are organizing Scout Refreshment Stations (Tents with a sitting area, chairs, hydration, and space to brag lol.  We never fail to mention any of the communities and businesses that have helped us.  We’ve met an\\professional angler from all over the world.  One thing I love to request, and I know they are not always available, is a Canvass brand banner or “flag” type grommeted sigh that one so often sees in mechanic chops and the like.  We have only received one from AFTCE after I purchased a fortune in great ot get these  young men started. We practice catch and release, unless walleye is in season, in which sace, as a requirement for the Cooking Merit Badge, we often fry on the spot to feed anybody who is interested.  \The anglers love us as much as we do them.
    As the Fishing Merit Badge Counselor I usually go to box stores, especially durance this clearance period, and purchase varying size generic clear plastic “Plano, Ozark, Pfleuger” etc, and then I write letters and make calls requesting some decals that I may place on them, giving them the appearance of individuality, a great brand profile, and during paydays, I usually grab as many Mepps, Panther Martins, Rat-L-Trap’s, and whatever other plastics, crank baits, and gear that is affordable.  I then split these among the boxes, and com winter’s Court of Honor where the young en are presented with rank advancements and awards, I give these to them as a start to a nice tackle collection.  As a general rule, I started allowing any scout, or the youth groups that we work with from our host church, to keep any lure they catch a fish on, and they’ve impressed me with lures I simply bought for show.  I don’t reach out a lot, and this is the lengthiest email I’ve typed.  I only rarely get the opportunity to make these requests.  We would naturally accept ANYTHING you might have to offer.  I worked at a bank during my undergrad and we had tons old “swag” suck as key chains, flashlights, pens, mugs, etc. that usually ended up donated as we over-ordered apparently.

    Growing up as the son of a coal miner on a dairy farm, and as an Eagle Scout, I’m slightly remiss to  for or request anything, but as it’s not for me, and for the benefit of the BSA, a backbone organization company o the USA, I’ve allowed myself to try. Even the “N”s are kind and enjoyable conversations.  Anytime we have logo’s sponsored gear, we always try to get a photo with a professional angler, his “scout liaison to display any brands with a photograph and a thanks to the troop and the benefactor.  My brother mattes frames these lobby or an office.  Just a list of anything (certainly not limited to) and off the top of my head are;

    ANY factory second logo’s -perfect clothing to wear at  the events, decals, hats or banners/posters, signs to display to hand out to those interested, our beloved patches, small shirts, decals, ticker, and  decals.  Also, decals, lol.  We are a 501(c) tax exempt organization and would be happy to provide any invoice you might want for write-off.  we’ve even had plaque pen holders engraved and sent to our donors. Our scouts always write thank-you letters and sometimes even include pho reminders that we appreciate everything and you are making a difference.  My skill set lies in mentoring, protection, and medicine, so forgive me for format or style.  Also auto correct is not functioning and my wireless keyboard is not doing so well.
    If you would tae some of your valuable time to help us out, you will continue to receive our unending gratitude fro taking this time alone.

    Ethan Robert Boyd
    Eagle Scout Class of 2004
    Ethan R. Boyd
    1787 Winfield RD
    Worthington, PA 16262

  3. Victor Ruiz says:

    I need new lures

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