Free* Maybelline XXL Mascara Sample

Get your own Maybelline XXL Mascara Sample FREE*

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*In order to receive the item(s) as offered (the ‘Incentive’), you must complete participation requirements which can include taking surveys, requesting information, and purchasing products. This incentive has a maximum value of $500. View our complete participation requirements for more detailed information. You must be over the age of 18 to participate in this promotion.

8 Responses

  1. terrell says:

    l love free stuff like food and clots and sutff thx

  2. I need help getting real friends

  3. KP says:

    Every single product leads to a survey with a ton of questions- only to get to the end and it’s says “congratulations your freebie is on the next page” and there is no next page, no where to click to go to another page. Definitely realized this is a scam for your contact information.

  4. Athanasia says:

    This is fantastic, I would like to get this free sample!


    Hello i would love to get this free sample please

  6. Sarah says:

    Never worked, just kept telling me to do more tests and quizzes and enter info for more ‘prizes’.

  7. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Hi Maratus. Please follow the link we provide and then provide them with the information you need to get this sample. Cheers!

  8. eva says:

    I want free samples

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