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Pre-Workout w/ Insane Energy, Extreme Focus, and Massive Pumps!*

The Curse is one of the most powerful and mind blowing pre-workout energy products on the planet today. You really have to try this stuff to truly appreciate just how good it is..1 or 2 scoops before a workout and Boom… 30 minutes later all you’ll want to do is get to the gym and tear it to pieces.*
•Insane energy*
•Extreme mental focus*
•Huge muscle pumps*
•Great tasting*
•Big 50 serves per tub

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Promote Sharp Mental Focus*
Support Energy, Huge pumps and a Mad aggressive desire to lift weights and keep smashing them until your body can’t take any more.*

Animal Intensity*
Superhuman strength, speed and the power to push yourself beyond the limits of normal human endurance.The Curse does not contain a lot of the filler ingredients found in some other big selling pre workouts, which means less chance of post workout crash, upset stomach and no headaches and no more blown workouts.*



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