Free Sample of Nestle Abuelita – EXPIRED

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This free sample has expired.

New NESTLÉ ABUELITA Granulado has the same rich chocolate flavor, aroma and frothiness as the original ABUELITA Tablet, but ready in minutes! Register on the form after following the link above to get your FREE Granulado sample.

Abuelita chocolate was introduced in Mexico in 1939, and since has been an essential ingredient in the Hispanic kitchen. It has a balance of cocoa, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.

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  1. mmm que rico!

  2. Tiene que ser rico. I can’t wait for it to get here! Soy de las pocas mujeres que les gustan chocolate. Jaja!

  3. Can’t wait to try it

  4. Thank You

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  6. I would love to try this..

  7. This sounds so delicious!

  8. Cant wait to try it! Thank-you!

  9. I can’t wait to try this out.. I sure hope it’s good..

  10. I can’t wait to try it out.. I know it looks nice on the outside and I hope its really good on the inside..

  11. i like a lot the chocolate so i can’t wait

  12. Can’t wait for my free sample! We love hot Chocolate!

  13. Like freestuff makes it simple.

  14. Just seeing what everybody was telling me about.

  15. This something new to me and I would like to taste it. I love hot chocalate! It keeps you warm on a cold day in chicago!

  16. It sounds good. I can’t wait to try it.

  17. This drink looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it.

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  21. our family and grandchildren will love this THANKS

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  23. hoping it’s as good as ad on tv

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  26. I would like to sample this product, before I try to purchase it. I don’t believe I’ve seen this product in the store that I shop in.

  27. sounds delicious!

  28. This sounds good for a cold day coming up. excited to try.

  29. Yum

  30. me encanta el chocolate abuelita,espero no tarde mi muestra.

  31. fall is upon us and it’s time for that warm cup of hot chocolate. Yummy can’t wait

  32. I’m waiting to enjoy.

  33. mmmm I sampled this when traveling in Mexico, so excited it’s available in a quick-to-prepare version. Thank you.

  34. would love to try it!!!!!!! thanks

  35. I love hot chocolate especially in the winter which is coming soon. So great to get a free sample to start winter off right.

  36. i want some chocalate please

  37. i like hot chococate during the winter

  38. Thank you!

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  41. Thanks for the opportunity to try.

  42. gostaria de receber esse excelete produto gratis.

  43. Thanks for the opportunity to try this product

  44. this is a good drink in the morning .

  45. Mi hijo medice que le encanta el sabor, y yo no puedo esperar de provar lo, dicen que es mui rico.


  47. This is the best hot chocolate – especially with churros yum!

  48. a toda mi familia le encanta el chocolate abuelita por su aroma y su savor

  49. i loved this stuff as a kid

  50. sounds great!!

  51. I love Chocolate Abuelita

  52. me encanta el sabor de este p-roducto, deesde que era pequeno

  53. desde bebe me encanta x su aroma y x que ya es tradicional en la familia

  54. I’d love to try this product. Weekly I buy granola type bars.

  55. me encanta el chocolate especialmente cuando hay frio

  56. realmente es delicioso

  57. Cant wait to try this thanks!

  58. Es riquisimo en especial en los dias mas frios!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hi I received my sample and wanted to say thank You and I will be purchasing your product in the near future!!

  60. expired