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Update: Expired

Click here to get your free sample of Revlon 3D Extreme mascara now.

Ladies, we know you love your lashes. Give them the very best with a free sample of Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara.

Your lashes will be 25X fuller, 70% curvier and 80% visibly longer. The exclusive bold impact brush is tapered to lift, amplify and separate even the tiniest lashes. The patented lightweight gel formula with intense color pigments delivers a bold lash look in one step with no primer needed.

There will be no caking or flaking with this mascara, and this free sample is available in three shades. A waterproof variety of mascara is also available, for those of you who need that sort of thing.

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  1. Thank you!

  2. i think that he web site free stuff is nice because there is all kinds of samples that people can sign up for like beauty samples or a sample of perfum spray.

  3. Thanx

  4. Its not going anywhere

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  7. i really need this i hate my stubborn lashes

  8. please could i have this mascara x

  9. I would love it

  10. I want this Please


  12. i love mascara especially this kind.revlon.

  13. its not working its going on to perf sumt ????? y???

  14. I would like to try something different, I’m not pleased with what
    Iam currently using.

  15. i try different mascara but still have not fonud one for me,i would love to try please send me a free sample

  16. thank you

  17. I apprieciate it

  18. thank you, you are the best

  19. wow longer fuller lashes cant wait to spread the news to family and friends.

  20. Would love to try this product. Thanks so much

  21. i like free things, and everything helps.

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  24. hey i would really love to try your mascara please.

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  33. hey i wonder if this really works,i can’t to find out

  34. I would love to try this mascara

  35. I’d love to try the waterproof. My son is getting married in Aug.

  36. trying to find the right mascara and free samples r great thank you

  37. thank you…………

  38. I realy want this product my lashes or short and I think the sample u are giveing away may make them look fuller.

  39. i really want this to make my lashes look more fuller :) x

  40. thank you for such a great product

  41. i would really love to try this need fuller lashes

  42. I really need 2 try this please

  43. out of mascara would like to try your new 3-D mascara

  44. Thanks!

  45. I want to try this to get bigger lashes.

  46. I would like to try it for thicker lashes

  47. I would love to have this mascara.My eyelashes need everything this one has to offer the fullness and the length.

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  52. I love your product so much but since money is tight I cant afford a lot of the makeup i usally buy. I would love a free sample. Thanks!!!

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  55. would love for my wife to try this her brand is always clumpy

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  57. like getting free stuff.thanks cant wait

  58. Would love to try this product. Thought about buying it but I don’t want to waste the money on a product that I may not like

  59. I like to try different mascara. To get it free and try will be nice instead of wasting my money.

  60. this product seems very promising.Id be very interested in trying this for free..

  61. I want to have fuller eyelashes.

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  86. my lashes need a lift

  87. how do u apply free stuff/?

  88. i wish i knew how to apply for this sample

  89. Love trying new things!

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    Seema Parihar

  93. hi,

    i would like to have a free sample of colourstay foundation by Revlon.

  94. I Love freebie’s,any appreciated,will give feedback on product’s.

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  106. I would love to be able to recieve this free mascara reasons bein iv got two daughter in there teens who are constanly buyin makeup thanks.

  107. i have 5 girls n this would sure help with a stockin stuffer

  108. i will buy buy some when im done with my free sample

  109. I will try it if it’s good I’ll start using it and I’ll buy it every month because I use alot of mascara

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