FREE SAMPLE truSheet – Laundry to Dryer Sheet

From washer to dryer, one Sheet … laundry’s complete! Total laundry care in a single eco Sheet that replaces all of your other toxic laundry products–no other soaps, softeners, stain removers, or dryer sheets needed.

$10 value. You only pay $2.99 for shipping.
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Safe for your delicates and activewear. Eliminates odors and protects and preserves colors, anti-bacterial, elasticity, and breathability features of performance fabrics.

Works in all top and front load machines, including High Efficiency (HE).

Good for Earth and for Earthlings. Patented, all-natural solution meets or exceeds the EPA’s Safer Choice program: no harsh alkalinity, no animal testing, no bleach, no phosphates, EDTAs, or other artificial chemicals.

Cleans & disinfects your washer with each load to kill odor-causing bacteria.




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