FREE Samples of ClearBags – EXPIRED

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Request A Sample of ClearBags Products
For specific sample requests, allow up to three free samples at a time.

Requests are typically only fulfilled for the USA and Canada. For other locations please call: 1-800-233-2630.

Close-out products (noted by a “TB” in the item number) and Pre-Cut Mats are not typically available to sample.

A ClearBags catalog is included with your samples, unless you request to not receive one in the comments below. Click on the button below to request your free sample.

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Crystal Clear Bags | High Clarity, High Quality, Affordable

Consumers notice the quality and clarity of their bags. Our Crystal Clear Bags are the most transparent, clean, and affordable in the industry. Made of only the highest quality plastics, we make all types of clear bags, including flap seal bags, gusset bags, zipper bags, retail bags, premium bags and more.

Our Clear Bags come in all shapes and sizes.



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