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There is no purchase necessary to access our list of links for samples but you do need to provide personal information, respond to survey questions and agree to be contacted by our marketing partners to qualify for a sample collection. By visiting the website and participating, you agree to the Terms & Conditions, which includes mandatory arbitration, and our Privacy Policy under which you allow us to share your personal information with our marketing partners who may also contact you via email, or if you separately consent, by telephone or text message. We may be compensated for connecting our marketing partners with consumers who may be interested in their products or services. We may substitute other products.


3 Responses

  1. I need this for my naberhood homeless friends n family. Please n thank u

    Sencirly Josefina L Rochan


  2. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Sorry to hear of your experiences Mary. I acknowledge that times have changed and there are fewer free samples offered these days which do not have strings attached. Still, there are free offers and this is confirmed by other readers who share their comments affirming they got their items.

    I think in the case of Lifescripts and some similar offers, their carrot being offered is great but the number of steps to be completed are sometimes confusing that people miss one and don’t are therefore not eligible for the reward. For any reader experiencing the same issue, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the offer so you know your requirements to earn the reward. Also make not of the contact information of the company making the offer in case you have questions or feel that the process is taking too long. That information is almost always found on the offer’s T&C page. We at, provide the link to the offers but we do not have visibility on who clicks and participates, so please contact the company, such as Lifescripts, who administers the offer.

  3. mary says:

    I wish I could get somewhere with this. I have tried to apply for freebies so many times I lost count. Actually I stopped trying for around 6 months now. Today I thought just for “fun” Id try it again when I was sent a very nice newsletter to my inbox with lots of invitations for “freebies” I simply answer all the questions, most of which are already pre-filled in for me due to past attempts at this. Every time i dare to answer “yes” to the question ‘”would you like a free xxxxx” a brand new window opens up for me to answer the next set of same questions. How very frustrating it is to get “free candy sample” Just wondering if anyone else is getting thrown in this massive web of “freebies?” Sure not like the Old Days when my MailMan HATED ME because of all the freebies he used to STUFF in my mailbox each DAY! Everything from Wonderful Extra Large Cookies to Free Book and Free Full Size bottles of Shampoos, Soaps and so much more. What a shame the seeming fraud has ruined ALL the fun of freebie shopping, coupon clipping and trying new products. {{ frown sad face }}

    PS I have YET to receive my “FREE” sample of TIDE I applied for after a solid afternoon of answering LifeScript questions – 2 years ago!

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