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  1. marilee says:

    I agree with another comment made…I can “try” this product @ Walmart or Target for less than what S & H costs are at $4.99!! That’s not a
    “freebie” to me!! But Thanks anyway!! Obviously, we’ll buy it if its a good product, and there are ALWAYS people looking for a free pass, therefore, as constructive critisism, offer a coupon so it is tracked as to one per person, and so forth…

  2. I tried to order the 2 secrets and the olay and coupons and when I went to the site and did the questions,it said ONE SECRET! WTH? I dont want one secret for $5! I can buy 2 at walmart for $5! The special deal isn’t working! 🙁 I’m about to give up on this page…

  3. would like to try your product

  4. I would like to try your product because of my profession which is nursing, I perspire a lot and would like to find a product that works. Thanks

  5. I love freebies! With 4 teens they’re awesome!

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