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  1. gonzales r says:


  2. Hey some one is gassie! Let er rip!!!!

  3. I would lilke to try my free sample i am sure it great thanks for letting me try it

  4. Brenda says:

    It is always great ! To recieve something free nowadays . Thanks !

  5. judy collins says:

    i like try it.

  6. judy collins says:

    i dib try it fisrt ok.

  7. judy collins says:

    would like to try the samples.

  8. mary morgan says:


  9. Jan says:

    I never received any poise pads, but yet a message said that I have and you can’t receive any because you had received some within the last 6 months. It doesn’t make any sense to me, as I never received them.

  10. Bobbye Levine says:

    Poise offers excellent pads. Would like to try the samples of the new pad.

  11. These kinds of sample stuff is useful in situation that if they are reached to desired destination well in time, unless these are useless.

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