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  1. Jose Osorio says:

    Wanted my wife to get me this one. She chose something too girly.

  2. Joey Carney says:

    I have been a fan of Polo brands for 25+ years. I’m always getting complaints about how I smell. I’m excited to try…

  3. KENNETH says:

    it want let me (The connection has timed out).
    it POLO IS THE BEST!want to try it.i tred other polo

  4. Patricia Tolson says:

    The best ever

  5. Greg says:

    Polo is one of my favorites I want to try this

  6. nazrul islam says:

    A sophisticated dynamic fragrance would love to try!

  7. Levi says:

    Marco… POLO!

  8. Binna says:

    Hope it comes soon

  9. Binna says:

    Hope it’s as good as it looks

  10. Tyler says:

    i need it POLO IS THE BEST!!

  11. Krystal says:

    Just wanted to try it

  12. Lynelle morales says:

    I would like to try any perfumes u have new out

  13. Dallas says:

    Free samples

  14. Eric says:

    i would love to try

  15. Damon Beckemeyer says:

    This stuff is tight!

  16. Alice huante says:

    I love to try’s this out

  17. dean robertson says:

    Cant wait to try it

  18. Clodio Monteiro says:

    I love the fragance of thie ralph lauren fragance. it smell so good.

  19. marie viverette says:

    Would love to try this..I know it smells.good

  20. jesus says:

    I would really want this product please give me a sample

  21. adam says:

    Send me one

  22. Rhonda says:

    Would love it try this

  23. Michelle Taylor says:

    My 7 yr old is looking for something to call her own.

  24. Michelle Taylor says:

    Would love to try this.

  25. paulo says:

    cant wait to try it (=

  26. Dylan green says:

    I would like to try this product but i want a sample to try it out first

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